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  • Becky Brown

    Eagles made from recycled materials | Reciclaje en el arte... o el arte de reciclar

  • Kay

    By Sayaka Kajita Ganz - sculptures made from kitchen utensils, toys and metal objects and appliance wire among other things.

  • Kayané Krause

    Sayakas Kajita Ganz's recycled sculptures.

  • Pam Dewey

    "Discarded objects" flying bald eagle sculpture by Sayaka Ganz. Look closely--this majestic bird is made from dollar store plastic utensils! "Born in Japan and living in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Sayaka Ganz has a BA in printmaking and an MFA in 3D Study with a concentration in sculpture from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. To create her sculptures, Ganz finds discarded objects including plastic utensils, toys, and metal pieces and gives them a second life and a new home."

  • Túlio Penha

    Sayaka Kajita Ganz was born in Japan but now she’s living and working in Indiana, USA. She use discarded objects, mainly made in plastic, like kitchen tools, hangers, etc, to create stunning sculptures inspired by animals and nature. She says about her work “It is a way for me to contemplate and remind myself that even if there is conflict right now, there is a way for all the pieces to fit together.”.

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