• Jazno Francoeur

    "The Enigma I" • 58.67" x 44" • City Hall, Singapore • 7.22.2009 • f/2.8 • 1/60 sec • 100 ISO • 7.6 mm • Sony DSC-W300

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** Veiled woman, South Sinai, Egypt

Nat Meade. Lamplight.

Elegantly haunting

Mariam © Francesco Viscuso

Cristina Garcia Rodero - Spain. Murcia. Moratalla. Holy week. 1980.

by Magnhild Kennedy: masks

Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989) | Surrealism | Ant Face - 1937

The Veil, 1987 by Claudio Bravo (Chilean 1936-2011)


The Moretta - Known also as the Mute Maid Servant, the Moretta “Dark” mask was an oval mask of black velvet with eye holes, but no mouth, worn with a wide brimmed hat and/or a veil. The “silent” aspect arose from the fact that the wearer held the mask to her face by grasping a button between her teeth. The mask was often used by upper class women visiting convents.

The Moretta or Servetta Muta (trans: dumb maid-servant) is a black velvet, oval shaped mask that was worn by Venetian ladies. Covering all but the outer edge of the face, the Moretta was secured to the wearer by way of a small bit that was held in place by the teeth. By the 18th centaury the use of the Bauta and Moretta masks to conceal the identity of ladies and gentlemen in the gambling houses (Il Ridotti) of Venice had become commonplace.

by Richard Vergez #collage

Fernand Khnopff, The Veil, 1887

Artist: Oleg Dou

Aleksandra Waliszewska


Dainah la Métisse (Jean Grémillon, 1932), screenshot

Anonymous Women by Patty Carroll

The Queen of Hearts

mirror, mirror

Listen To Me by Andrea Castro

Martin Margiela Fall 2012

Martin Margiela Fall 2012

camil tulcan.