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  • Kylie Rayner

    Funny Products - Things On My Christmas List - SeriousFiver

  • lisa shante

    Spermies- the candy you love to swallow!!

  • Jennifer Allen

    girls gift for christmas next year?!

  • Murphy Sullivan

    Halloween was never the same after that day Aunt Judy gave away the candy after her bachelorette party.

  • Lacey Snyder

    LOL, great bachelorette gift, not for my day. For someone else

  • Elle Rickman

    OMG! Best bachelorette party "gag" gift, EVER!!! Not to mention just plain halaroius :D

  • Roy Puente

    ... ?? This is candy? | Funny jokes, funny pictures, funny youtube videos

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because everyone needs sperm on their pants? #wtf

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..cannot imagine why this isn't manufactured any more! Not #Snickers babe, #OldDick... #THIS