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  • Noemi Hermann

    barr-co #diy gifts #hand made gifts #do it yourself gifts #creative handmade gifts #handmade gifts|

  • Lisa T. H.

    Barr-Co. Eau De Parfum

  • Salt   Pepper Press

    Clean and vintage packaging from

  • Pats

    Barr-Co #graphic #design #packaging #labeling #pack #branding #beautiful

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This packaging is so unique.. looks to be biodegradable.. There is so much plastic out there..

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I like how the type and color of the label are old fashioned looking. The bottle is very nostalgic, which fits with the company name.

We are getting soap for the out of town gift bags. I'd love to package them with the gold paper we used in the invitations.

A group of students who had recently left BrobyGrafiska shows how, as a school assignment, they can change Gillette's way of speaking to its conscious audience.

British Sugar Corporation — Hans Schleger & Associates (1969)

A waterbottle with the design of water. So simple, yet I don't even recall it being done before! Perhaps it has, but just not in this cute simple pattern. I also really like the turquoise blue used in the design, it gives a little shine in the picture.

Salt Lake City graduate Jill De Haan recently completed this Swiss hot chocolate packaging design which draws its inspiration from the Swiss “Schrerenshnitt” paper cutting style.

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