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I love the usage of flowers/branches for a natural frame. Gorgeous idea!

Alexandra Sophie photography.

In the snow...with branches and berries, or some ridiculously beautiful white flowers, etc...

ANOTHER PINNER SAID: When I was a little girl in Germany I thought ... "I wonder what my future husband is doing right now?" and in that moment I had a vision of a boy sitting on rock in water ... exactly like this image ... he had dark brown curly hair. My husband who I've been with for 24 years, grew up in the Pacific NW surrounded by water and looked very much like this!

As a photography professional, this is some great advice, if you don't know anything about taking a picture read this.

The world is so full of care and sorrow that it is a gracious debt we owe to one another to discover the bright crystals of delight hidden in somber circumstances and irksome tasks. ~Helen Keller

You said you wanted to take pics... you took one pic and took off. Our graduation was a big step in life and I don't have a single pic of us together :/

elisebrown: Portraits for Eva Minaeva (Noah Models) Photography/style: Alexander Kuzmin

In utter shock and disbelief I bend down and touch a finger to where dry dust had been only a moment ago.