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seamless + symmetrical

Today I'm going to demonstrate, step by step, a technique to achieve a seamless join when crocheting in the round. This technique achieves an almost invisible join. As you can see in the photo belo...

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seamless + symmetrical . Good when changing colors but I don't know if I'd want to cut thread for every row if I'm not changing colors.

What you DON'T want: a visible join when crocheting in rounds. This tutorial shows you how to get an invisible join with crochet, using a great technique.

How to create joins in your rounds of crochet where you can't see the join! Amazing but so simple! seamless + symmetrical #crochet #tutorial #tips {via Sarah London}

the only pattern i followed was the usual one when you're crocheting circles: in first round you double every single stitch, in second row you double only every second stitch, in third row every third stitch, and so on. and then i just switched between normal double crochets, granny stitches, little bows, and so on. hope that helps at least a little bit. :)

The best way to join when crocheting in the round. Tutorial by Mon Petit Violon.

Technique :: How to make a seamless join when crocheting in the round. This must be done for each round. Start the next round with a standing stitch, as shown here ~

Really easy tutorial on how to seamlessly change colors in crochet ... great step by step photos too!

Crocheted blanket tutorial showing how to join squares while crocheting (instead of just stitching together at the end). Results in a beautiful eyelet row between strips.

See how ending a two color circle or a two color square with one black row makes all the difference in the world...

Mr. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness: Pardon me, but your Slip Stitch is Showing ~ An Invisible Join Tutorial