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    Mom used this when I was little

    • Frk Anja

      Vintage mascara from 1917 - so cool! ☆ #vintage #makeup #vintagemakeup #oldschool #cool #maybeline #pretty #girl #beauty #beautiful #instago...

    • Katrina Maria

      Mildred Davis’s eyes graced the inside of the packaging of Maybelline mascara in the 1920s. Mildred was a sort of spokeswoman for Maybelline Cosmetics. Maybelline cake mascara, 1917.

    • BuyMeBeauty

      Mascara - How to Use Maybelline -1917 - Just had to pin this vintage mascara #packaging PD #makeup #makeuptools #tools #beauty #popular

    • aisling kelly

      The first mascara ever created was produced by Maybelline in 1917 and was known as the 'Maybelline Cake Mascara'. This became popular with actresses and the performing industry in the 1920s.

    • Packaging Diva

      Mascara - How to Use Maybelline -1917 - Just had to pin this vintage mascara #packaging PD

    • Biddy Craft

      This was how mascara was until the 1960s when Maybelline introduced the tube mascara. Also, when this ad first appeared in the 1920s, "good girls" still did not wear makeup. So this was very daring. The women shown is a movie star from the "silent" films.The first partially talking movie was in 1929.The 1920s was also when women finally got the vote & shortened their skirts and started "bobbing" (cutting) their hair for the 1st time.The 1920s was a decade of firsts for women. Biddy Craft

    • Karen S.

      Maybelline Mascara 1917 #Ad #Makeup #Cosmetics #Beauty #Vintage #Retro #1910s

    • Cynthia Corbin

      classy-kate: Mascara, 1917 Whoa now this is what I call a history lesson

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    ugh...remembered, but best forgotten.

    Blow Dryers - Terri wanted mine because her hair would straighten with the brush attachment!

    Maybelline shadows with "a spoonful of cream into each powder-patty"

    Maybelline mascara from the 1920s. So cool

    1950s Maybelline cream mascara.

    So remember this

    Pitman's shorthand I still make notes using shorthand. Just a habit, but not forgotten.

    Wow, I haven't seen this since the early 60s. My aunt let me play with hers.

    First Test Tube Baby - 1978

    40 DIY Beauty Hacks That Are Borderline Genius Here: Use mascara as liner… never thought of that

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    #17college Yves Saint Laurent 'Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking' Mascara

    MAC haute and naughty lash mascara: hands down the best mascara I have ever used! One mascara, two different ways to use it. Pink top=natural and defining. Pink+purple top=dramatic with tons of length and volume! Just read a great review on a blog for this mascara. Going to have to get it.

    Petti Pants - ha!! I had forgotten about these. Wore these with my culotte skirts.

    Remember my shorthand class well (don't remember any shorthand, just the class! LOL!).

    I loved this lip gloss.

    Maybelline mascara

    Yardley frosted liptick... wish they still made it. OMG!!!! I had forgotten about this! I had this very same lipstick at one

    1960s Beauty parlor...

    As if the brush rollers weren't bad enough, then we had to stick these picks through them & try NOT to stick them into our scalp. I used to roll up my grandma's hair just for fun! I felt so bad knowing I was sticking her head most of the time!!