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~the first flat iron~yes we did this...

Ironing frizzy hair on the ironing board. I got burned a few times, and had a few singed hairs. I'm so thankful for the new fangled invention of the flatiron so I can have straight hair without having to be contortionist!

Bubble Umbrella (circa 1970s). innrømmer at jeg fremdeles er litt på utkikk etter en slik paraply: syntes de var fasinerende - og glamorøse - da jeg var liten

Bubble Umbrella (circa innrømmer at jeg fremdeles er litt på utkikk…

Smock tops- My mom sewed several of these for me when I was in High School. We wore them with bell bottoms.

Smock tops This was the first thing I made in Home Economics Sewing Class. 1971 or 1972

Vintage cloth diaper cover-that plastic looks like it would be hot

Vintage diaper pants (for use with cloth diapers). caused rash because the plastic pant wouldn't allow airing

Tame Creme Rinse Oh, my goodness, I had forgotten about Tame...and the TV commercial

Tame Cream Rinse to get out the tangles.This was the first time we used anything but shampoo on our hair--so revolutionary!

♡♥..I actually miss seeing kids outside :(

Funny pictures about Life Before Cell Phones Was So Simple. Oh, and cool pics about Life Before Cell Phones Was So Simple. Also, Life Before Cell Phones Was So Simple photos.

Remember colored toilet paper...lol

I remember this: ah, colored toilet paper! Now, we have camo colored toilet paper!

You don't see these anymore.

These were the only swings in all public parks in the Slide the wooden bar down after the child was seated. The later models were the same except made of metal linked chains to attach to the hooks on the chair and the metal draw-down protector


Check out the board Memory Lane! The body suit. I remember wearing them back in the day when low-rise pants were in style the first time, except then they were called "hip huggers".