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  • Tina Treccariche

    “My Mother and I. We are wearing the same jacket and when I say same I don’t mean matching, I mean litterally we are wearing one jacket. My right arm and my mothers left. This was a gift from an aunt who custom made the jacket for my mother and I to wear for our Coverlook photo shoot.”

  • Rachel Wolfe

    Awkward family photos!!! Glamour shots!!!

  • Natalie Earl

    Just LOVE this site. The most awkward, dated, WEIRD family portraits ever taken.

  • MODAbySofia ActiveWearforRealWomen

    And you thought YOUR mom was embarrassing! The awkward moms of America. Happy Mother's Day!

  • Carla Rioux

    Golden Girls -- Awkward Mothers Day Photos

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hahaha - wist je dat er zelfs een site bestaat die geheel in het teken van vreselijke familiefoto's staat? Foto's die je indertijd echter heel normaal vond... Zet je te denken over de foto's die je tegenwoordig al dan niet online zet, hè?!

This may be totally weird, but I think it would be hilarious if I ended up in the Awkward Family Photos book... That might change the moment I see myself in it, but for right now, I'm dreaming big :)

“Yes, my father’s ventriloquist dummy, Gurgle Worthington, was a part of the family.”

The Cabbage Patch doll disputed her birth certificate and demanded to see proof of purchase soon after this Walmart photo shoot.

Awkward family photos... oh dear, what was this photographer thinking?................... Oh my, I cant stop laughing! This is horrific!!!

Not just anyone can go bowling while sporting a sweet suit made out of duct tape.

awkward family photos...except the killing the unsuspecting dad is actually an awesome Christmas card idea LOL

“This was one of my many dance costumes in the early 80′s. We were doing a theme to Star Wars for this one…but I’m not really sure why this particular costume was being used. Perhaps the cascading tinsel made it look futuristic? The worst part was that when my mom bought the photo package she [...]

at some point we need to limit those animals which we as a society consider 'domesticated'

This site is dedicated to all of those awkward family photos. I couldn't stop scrolling through. Hilarious.