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these aren't unhealthy ideas! these are great tips! however you don't have to go to bed hungry, a small snack (a yogurt, handful of almonds, something) if you need it is fine. not sleeping because you're hungry is not a good thing

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Add this 15 minute 300-rep abs workout to your routine to target your midsection and look great this summer.

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50 reasons to exercise!

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Daily Motivation (16 photos)

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These 27 Workout Diagrams Are All You Need To Get In Shape This Summer

Simple Exercises Using Props

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Home CrossFit WOD: 600 Reps - Blonde Ponytail @jsca Ponytail

♥ One of the best ways to increase your motivation to exercise is to understand THE IMPORTANCE OF EXERCISE: Weight Control. Increased Metabolism. Healthier Heart. Reduced Risk of High Blood Pressure. Strengthened Immune System. Increased Self-Esteem. Increased Energy. Stronger Bones and Joints. Improved Self-Image. Toned Muscles. Relieves Stress.

Pre and post work-out foods.