dandelion in the sunset in Tuscany, Italy

Bicycle and tree

Dandelions. Moons on the lawn replace the suns that mowers happily had missed, where age would stoop, a babe will squat and rise with star-fluff in its fist • Vladimir Nabokov

feather catching the fire of the sunset

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macro photography

#Silhouette~Hot Summer Nights


Dandelion Flower Watercolor Art

Thank god I'm a country girl: Love | Life | Country | Countryside Sunsets | Sunrise | Farm | Clouds | Stunning | Landscape ~B

Sunset wave

ღღღ Sunset

Pretty Flowers ♥

float by Yana Bondareva

Reflection of Birds flying in the Sunset

✯ Moon

Sunset | Most Beautiful Pages

I remember how the skies opened up and shone down on them, as though mother earth had ceased her rage and sent golden light to bless this delicate form of creation...

The Wedge at Sunset in Newport Beach, California.