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  • Krista Mathis

    Just a duck in a cup.- Reminds me of my pet duck, Festa, when I first picked him out of a box at a market in Rome. That night, my ex-fiancé, Fabio and I went to dinner at a formal restaurant, and I had Festa in my purse. I took him out to feed him, and he ended up bathing in my glass of mineral water. Lol. (Such a gorgeous baby mallard. I loved him so...) ~ETS #duckling #adorableness

  • Sydney Schavietello

    When I get a baby duck, I'll probably put it in a wineglass...

  • Natalie Blood

    baby duck in my cup #duckling #cute

  • Darby Tobin

    Duckling in a wine glass?! Lol so cute!

  • Samantha Uher

    Tiny animals in cups, so cute!

  • Kristin Elizabeth

    tiny animals in cups... click for link to 25 adorable baby animals.

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One mallard duckling, four yellow ducklings

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i would love to be sitting somewhere outdoors just relaxing and see this swim by.....sweetness.....

Ct'un Canard, il leve la patte, trouves ca drole. Il leve l'autre y tombes a terre! BAHAHAHA

Duck in a cup.That is so cute. Please check out my website Thanks.

I for reals just want to hold a baby duck. And I don't think that's too much to ask.

"is this my personal swimming pool"?

Which came first, the chicken or the…kitten?

Imagine...a multi-hued yellow monochromatic baby's room with select pink accents. On the feature wall, floor to ceiling, 12 large matted black & white photos framed in thin edged black metal or wood with the second from the right photo on the second row...containing a pink mat or pink painted detail on the photo. Baby makes a statement! [CasaGiardino]