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    Nutrition Labels: What To Read, What To Skip

    One step to fighting the obesity battle might just be printed on the back of your food package. New research published in the journal Agricultural Economics suggests that people who read nutrition lab
    • Ray Wateska

      Nutrition Labels: How To Read Them Reading and understanding nutrition labels is like learning a foreign language. When comparing nutrition labels there are certain things that you should know...

    • CREPiNi

      How to Read Nutrition Labels via @HuffPost

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    "Guerrilla Aging: Weighing In" by Renee Fisher for HuffPost. Children, husbands, jobs, finances may come and go. Residences, hair color and bra sizes may change. For many, the only constant is the desire to lose weight. At some point, we get to come to terms with all this. The author believes that when we shift from food-as-enemy to food-as-friend. When we learn to see food as healthy vs non-healthy, instead of fat vs non-fat, we can get off the scale for good. For more details, click the pic.

    "The 5 Most Confusing Health Food Labels" by Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD for HuffPost. There are a number of issues and terms that can confuse even the most educated grocery shoppers. Many of them sound healthy on their own--that is, they have a health halo effect. For the 5 buzziest, what they really mean and what they don't, click the pic.

    "6 Summer Salads You'll Actually Crave" by Jennifer Segal. 1) Black Bean, Corn & Avocado Salad with Chipotle-Honey Vinaigrette; 2) Strawberry & Orange Salad with Citrus Syrup & Fresh Mint; 3) Thai Crunch Salad with Peanut Dressing; 4) Minted Cucumber Salad; 5) Thai Quinoa Salad with Fresh Herbs and Lime Vinaigrette; 6) Grilled Asparagus & Feta Salad. Click the pic for the recipes.

    FREE Online Health Tools to support identifying, achieving and maintaining YOUR ideal weight: 1) food volume/weight converter; 2) calorie target based on weight, age and activity level; 3) body mass/ideal weight calculator; 4) calorie burn profile; 5) weight loss calorie targets. Click the pic for these AND MORE!

    "The Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Dieting" by Corrie Pikul for Oprah Magazine. Top nutritionists reveal the miscalculations and misinformation that sabotage our efforts to lose weight. The big five saboteurs: overdoing olive oil, avoiding fruit, forcing gluten-free, too little food/too much exercise and avoiding nuts. Click the pic to learn how to stop sabotaging yourself.

    5 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier (No Calorie Counting)" by Jessica Girdwain for Oprah Magazine. I discovered on my journey to wholeness, that feeding all of my senses (5 outer and 4 inner) in a balanced way helps ensure that no one of them takes over trying to fill voids it can't hope to fill. This article explores the benefits of engaging all five inner senses to foster healthier eating habits. Click the pic if you'd welcome a more mindful approach to eating without any sense of deprivation.

    "14 Habits Of People With A Healthy Relationship To Food" by Sarah Klein. I was anorexic at 19 and obese at 50. Clearly I've run the gamut of trying to use food to fill un-food needs. When it comes to food, there's a fine line between healthy mindfulness and dangerously restrictive obsession. And the potential confusion, discouragement and self-loathing can easily send us to the other end of the spectrum.and giving up. Click the pic for some help improving your relationship with food.

    "19 Vegetarian Ways To Eat More Protein For Breakfast" by Kate Bratskeir for HuffPost. Here are 19 breakfast recipes with at least 11 grams of protein. If you believe eating meat is the only viable way to get protein in your diet, well, you'll be surprised: every dish is entirely meat-free. They entrust eggs, yogurt and some lentils, to achieve their protein punch. Click the pic to dig in.

    "What To Eat Before, During And After Your Workout" by John Berardi, PhD for HuffPost. John Berardi, Ph.D. Looking for a summary of an optimal approach to what to eat when and in what quantity? Click the pic for an infographic outlining what to eat before, during and after exercise, based on your body type.

    "Powerhouse Fruits And Vegetables Ranked In Order Of Nutrition" by Anna Almendrala for HuffPost. Scientists say that certain "powerhouse" fruits and vegetables can help stave off chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Dietary researcher Jennifer Di Noia, Ph.D., of William Paterson University set out to quantify exactly how good certain fruits and vegetables are for the human body. Click the pic for 41 all-stars!

    "9 Expert Tips For More Mindful Eating" by Abigail Wise for HuffPost. Although scarfing our food down is all too common, it is certainly not a best practice. According to a new review of studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, slowing down may help you sustain a healthier weight. Click the pic for nutrition experts' tips for learning to slow down rather than chow down.

    "Summer's Best Cake Involves Absolutely Zero Cake" by Julie R. Thomson for HuffPost. This cake has no flour, butter,sugar or chocolate. What it does have is fruit presented in the most beautiful of layers. When the days are hot and long, this is the cake that's going to get you through. And, it's one you can feel good about eating. Plus, no baking skills necessary. Click for more details.

    "Here's Why Soda Is Even More Unhealthy Than You Thought" by Erin Schumaker for HuffPost. FRUCTOSE! According to Michael Goran, "The human body isn't designed to process this form of sugar at such high levels. Unlike glucose, which serves as fuel for the body, fructose is processed almost entirely in the liver where it is converted to fat, which increases risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and liver disease." Click the pic for the not-so-sweet truth about your favorite soft drinks.

    "Get Ready For The Creamiest Goat Cheese Recipes Ever" by Julie R Thomson for HuffPost. While I could easily just eat this cheese with a spoon or smeared on a nice crusty piece of bread, goat cheese really comes alive when you use it in the kitchen. It has the ability to liven up a grilled cheese, reinvent a margarita pizza or give a new tangy twist to pasta. Click the pic to check out some ways it can liven up some of your favorite foods.

    "Yogurts With More Sugar Than A Twinkie" from HuffPost. We tend to think of yogurt as healthy, but as it turns out, many of the most popular yogurt brands have more sugar than a junk food you'd never consider eating. Click the pic for more insight.

    "Foods That Make You Feel Full" by Dr. Mehmet Oz for Oprah. Click the pic to try these delicious, healthy foods to curb your appetite at mealtimes and throughout the day.

    "The Cure for the Boring Side Dish" by Lynn Andriani for Oprah Magazine. Click the pic for nine new recipes for vegetables and grains that highlight the best of spring produce and are anything but bland.