Lucy Hale (Aria on Pretty Little Liars)

when you have to impress just with your face Anna Kolding @ Unique Models

great posing idea for senior girl (yeah I know I have a couple of years before she's a senior but...)


Love the pose


This will be great for seniors

simple. stunning

Senior Pictures?

Senior pics

This is really lovely. I like the pose and the coloring. Just really fun and natural. Doesn't look overly thought out.


so pretty

Skyler's Medusa pose looks great in this photo of her on the high school football field in her cheer uniform.

Love this pose- very simple but may not show off clothes so may just be for me as an extra add on

Amanda Halloway Photography - love the simple compositions...Oh how I would love to photograph a dancer!

Love the pose

Hannah » Bekah Imagery senior pose

NOT BOUDOIR, but cute posing via kansas city senior portrait studio

Collection of photography poses for women.