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Like a boss... internet memes - Drive Through Only Allows Cars?

This speaks to my life.


i love random facts

Mwhahahaha that's hilarious.

Epic fail

Story of my life.

I'd rather be happy than skinny! :D

Someone please do this.

It was funny, and then it was like facepalm, and then it was hilarious. :D

Way more awesome than Twilight!!!

Some of these are really good

Senior pictures for the win

this is hilarious bahahaha

Bones being Bones lol

Like a boss

That moment when you find out Titanic was filmed in a plastic pool, and your whole life is a lie

this is hilarious. and i strangely want one..anywhere sleeping ostrich pillow.

These two. They win.

haha! Rugrats was so hilarious and I was too young to really notice!