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Mr. Segel

When the Stars go crazy – 30 creative photographs by Martin Schoeller

Almost every popular celebrity had pictures done by Martin Schoeller at one point or another. It is very cool to see how creative some of his photos are. Take a look at this mega post of awesome pictures by him, you won't regret it!

That awkward moment when Sheldon Cooper is hot...

The big bang theory como nunca los viste - 1er post (Apto)

That awkward moment when Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) is totally hot. Hey, geek is the new sexy.

lolzies :D

Kids, in the summer of your aunt Robin decided to join the avengers. -How I met your mother/Avengers

Essa cena...

Haha I think about this scene all the time. Professor Ted Mosby How I Met Your Mother<<<It's funny because Profe is Spanish for professor

Jason Segel. my dreamboat. how i met your mother #himym

Jason Segel Takes An Electric Ride

Stephen Colbert en la universidad, 1984

31 Fotos que cambiarán tu percepción del pasado

Funny pictures about A young Stephen Colbert. Oh, and cool pics about A young Stephen Colbert. Also, A young Stephen Colbert photos.

"she's so good looking she could be a waitress" that line!

Flight of the Conchords :D. The best of the best of kiwi comedy.

How certain substances affect the aging process

How certain substances affect the aging process - I think I'll stick with Earl Grey Tea and Money!

#Celebrity Portraits by Martin Schoeller: Shaun White

Fotografias engraçadas de celebridades por Martin Schoeller (66 fotos

Jason Segel The How I Met Your Mother star is basically using us to plug his new favorite band, Instant Sorrow. ''They're a British band,…

15 Stars In Their Favorite T-shirts

Jason Segel. in the Freaks and Geeks days, awesome show. I wanna meet this man so bad.

Jason Segel as Nick Andopolis - Freaks and Geeks So miss this show!

I had a crush on him when he was on The Hogan Family...and him on Arrested! Great actor too, of course.

Pregnancy Message Boards - Baby Forums

Child Star and Arrested Development Actor Jason Bateman: Cover Stars : Details