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When guests ask me how far to (insert destination) I swear its "30 or 45 minutes" oh "about an hour" hahaha. I love being texan. <3

Definitely better than. Plenty of water without getting sand in your swimsuit, plus a MAJOR adrenaline rush and when you fall in, the water doesn't taste salt.

Ouch!!! Watch these videos.these are amazing video.

Teaching at Marshall H.S. We beat Odessa. Basis of Book Friday Night Lights. When their coaches got home, there were FOR SALE signs in all their yards. Later, they tried to hire our coach. He laughed asked if they were crazy?!?

I catch myself saying that and it means trouble and I'm not even from Texas though I wish I lived there

There's a reason Texans are proud of their state! This site has all sorts of Texas proud stuff! Very cool!