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Heath Ledger (in full Joker drag) jumps a skateboard over Christian Bale (in full Batman drag.)


Adam West vs. Christian Bale

Adam West vs. Christian Bale... most awkward 60s Batman moment ever...

In my book batman will always beat every superhero an every superhero team. Batman would beat every single avenger if he had to fight them.

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Awesome Bat-man

ROFL Thats Awesome!

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Ridiculously Amazing GIFs of Batman Artwork

Batman Vol. 2 #13 Animated by: ABVH. Original cover by Greg Capullo. 30 Animated Comic Book Covers That Are Downright Hypnotizing

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Why Batman's enemies did what they did

This is why I think the Joker is the scariest Batman villain. While all the other villains had at least slightly human justifications behind their actions (no matter how horrible and inexcusable those actions were), but the Joker did horrible things just for fun, and that is truly terrifying.

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Alfred as The Joker? It did happen

My goodness Alfred makes a creepy Joker

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Long time ago....

Batman and 10 things I hate about you. Ironically 10 things was Heath ledgers first American movie and dark knight was the last film he completely finished.

Batman: The Killing Joke. Excellent story. A wonderfully twisted story that shows how messed up The Joker really is. Also a great origin story.