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These guys had to be chewing on some weird grass outside.

I just love the last sentence hahahaha! Can I point out that Hermione also did magic without her wand...

lord of the rings humor | funny Hobbits Lord Of The Rings cast reunion

(Legolas sailed WITH Gimli--the first dwarf to ever set foot on the Undying Lands)

Walking to Mordor - this actually works on Google! (Lord of the Rings, LOL)

I want to form a band just so I can justify buying this.

This probably has much more realism and seriousness in it than people give him credit for. All the faith int he world to him and his sobriety and such.

My Uncle went to the Misty Mountains and all I got was this evil Ring t-shirt

for those who don't speak math: i 8 sum pi or I ate some pie ... and it was delicious! haha

Keep Mordor Tidy...this is brilliant.

I want to make this on my next birthday! Then eat it while watching one of the LOTR movies with my friends. ^_^ (I must start planning this!)