If I saw a hot guy acting like this with a puppy, I would totally want to marry him on the spot.

come on...

Puppy love

sweet puppy

Puppy love!


Yep, this is what I'm gonna have someday, except for that one brown dog. Corgi's & German Shepherds!

I want her to have a puppy :3

the cutest little puppy smile

"puppy love"

with the giant German Shepherd and Dachshund

RIP ovaries.

Jack Russell puppy!

lil nugget!

mans best friend. miss you Bullet


* * CHI: " ME WUZ IN DE MEXICAN REVOLUTION ANDS SOUNDS OFF ABOUTS ITZ ON CINCO DE DRINKO DAY!" [Dogga has delusions of grandeur. Doting humans think it's 'cute '.]: Baby Chihuahua, Animals, Dogs, Chihuahuas, Sleepy Chihuahua, Pets, Pu