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When comforting a Grammar Nazi...

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LOLcat: Grammar Nazi Cat

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Passive-aggressive notes...LOVE this one!


For the passive aggressive grammar nuts…

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For the passive aggressive grammar nuts…


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Now you have no excuse. Love, A Grammar Nazi

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Dump A Day This Should Wake Your Inner Grammar Nazi Up - 18 Pics



There’s something about grammar…

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Grammar guy’s had enough…

Missing Idiot

The Idiot

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Fucking Idiot

The Missing

College Dorm Rooms

Bad Grammar

Grammar Police

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The sad thing about this photo is she's obviously in a college dorm room... a college somewhere accepted her...

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Grammar is important.

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Use the apostrophe,correctly - or just don't use it, please. [English Grammar]

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If Only



Then vs. Than.

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People - watch your grammar.