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The One Minute Muse | Art Journal Technique | Gesso Figure

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Art Journal Tutorial Youtube

Pam Carriker tutorial on the reason it is important to keep several art journals at the same time.

Cloth Paper Scissorsfrom Cloth Paper Scissors

Art Journal Techniques: Reduction Stenciling

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Stenciling Technique

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White Layer

Art Journal Techniques: Reduction Stenciling - Cloth Paper Scissors

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Media Michelle'S

Mixed media art journal page packed with stencil layering, background techniques and a surprise page!

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Art Journal Techniques Mixed Media

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Mixed Media Art Journal Page #2

Art Journal Ideas For Beginners

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Seal Prevent

Ways to Seal Your Art Journal Pages... it's just a little faq/fyi/show-n-tell sorta video to help clear up the question 'how to I seal/prevent sticky pages' in which I give away my secret weapon for super-fab sealed pages =)

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Journaling Videos

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Journal Video

I could sit and watch her videos for hours....oh, wait. I do. FRANCE PAPILLON

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Journal 52

Journal Video

I love watching this process

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This is a art journal page, but I want to paint something similar to go in my kitchen.

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The One Minute Muse | Art Journal Technique | Straw Blow

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Class Youtube

Fabulous video about creating backgrounds in your art journaling. I particularly love her technique with the drips of paint. Awesome!

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Face Art Journal

Books Bos Journals

In this video, Dina Wakley will teach you how to draw her style of artistic faces for your art journal using techniques from her book, Art Journal Courage! L...

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Art Journal Techniques

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Wednesday 31

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art journal - mixed media and collage

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Different technique..

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The One Minute Muse | Art Journal Technique | Glue crackle

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*** Dry Color Wash Technique for Art Journals: GO TO THIS PAGE, IT IS FULL OF GREAT VIDEOS, HERE IS THE LINK:

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Art Journaling Lettering

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Simple Elegant Art Journal Lettering Technique

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Mixed media : art journal make over