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    I love Stormageddon. One of my favorite scenes.


    It's true! I will never love 11 like I love 10!

    Poor Silence

    I don't even know where to pin this but it encompasses both Disney and Doctor Who and that pleases me!

    How to make a Doctor Who wifi name. // pinning now. Because I will do this one day!

    But I'm more sorry you don't get it.

    Love this nemo meets silence (doctor who)< ----- the Silence are scary, the fact that you think this is cute frightens me.

    Doctor Time

    YES! - KK

    I forgot why I pinned this.

    No one ever remembers my birthday (doctor who humor)

    Doctor Who by Luke Eckstein (Found through Threadless)


    Times you've probably seen the Silence...

    Doctor Who - Entire Cast & Crew 500 Miles Special

    I don't get this picture. It's just blank. Oh my gosh! The Silence!

    Me:"OMGhessocuteandamazingandselflessandthisonetimetheywereonthisplanetandthereweretheseoodandtheylooklikeoctopusandhetravelsaroudninablueboxfromthe1960sBUTit'sacttuallyaspace-ship-time-machineandRIVERandMOOOOFFFAAATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their reaction: o.0

    Time Lord Doctor Who Shirt: Doctor Who Mens T-shirt

    It must be from the Silence