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Tiara? Pssssshhhh

Sure I'll wear a 'tiara'.I can only hope my daughters will be as cool as this kid. Tiara no.

Awesome Movie Cosplays by Kids

Awesome Movie Cosplays by Kids

golden girls sophia petrillo costume!  haha

This little lady is Sophia from the Golden Girls. We had no recollection of the Golden Girls when we named our baby Sophia but this is a great Halloween costume


Most awesome rapunzel wig ive ever seen for cosplay EVER. Looks like it stepped straight out of the movie. Made with flexible tubing inside with hair wrapped around, makes the thickness even more noticeable.

I LOLed.    Men and their hammers... Game of Thrones, Thor and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

Don't Ask About It

Funny pictures about Hammer fight. Oh, and cool pics about Hammer fight. Also, Hammer fight.

Lil Lil Wayne Halloween costume

23 Kids Who Are Totally Nailing This Halloween Thing

Doing it right!

Funny pictures about Brave costume. Oh, and cool pics about Brave costume. Also, Brave costume.

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Just Patrick Stewart being awesome, like he is.

Oh Patrick Stewart, You Crazy

Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Patrick Stewart! I need more Sir Patrick Stewart in my life.

Epic Kid Cosplay

I love it when people dress their kids in age-inappropriate costumes. I particularly like the Clockwork Orange and the Edward Scissorhands.

funny celebrity pictures - ROFLrazzi: I Got This!

Always leave it to the guy that can speak in an English accent. My favorite! Robin Hood: Men In Tights!

Aww. <3

Funny pictures about The Neil Patrick Harris family unit. Oh, and cool pics about The Neil Patrick Harris family unit. Also, The Neil Patrick Harris family unit photos.

Jane from Tarzan cosplay-- this looks like she stepped outta the cartoon!  Looks just like her!!

Jane from Tarzan cosplay…

Amazing Jane costume from Tarzan! I feel like Tarzan is such an underplayed Disney movie. Great story, amazing characters, and hey!