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    • Lana Wycoff

      GI's, holding plates heaped with food, grin broadly as they pass thru the chow line in the mess hall at Poltava Airbase, a shuttle bombing base in Russia. The Thanksgiving dinner, served by Russian girls, was the first meal prepared in the newly-opened mess hall. November 1944.

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    Bing, the parachuting World War II dog who leapt from a plane on D-Day and led troops to victory

    Stewart, a Best Actor winner in 1941 for The Philadelphia Story, was one of the first major stars to enlist. During World War II, he'd fly at least 20 combat missions in Europe.

    Johnny Carson USNavy 1943-1946 USS Pennsylvania

    Rock Hudson USNavy 1943-1946 Aircraft Mechanic


    Encounters General Patton (World War II Oral « Library User Group

    This US Coast Guard ship approaches Cape Glousester, New Britain, on Dec 24, 1943, filled to brim with supplies for the ongoing operations. Nearer the bridge, there are two piles of stretchers, there's plenty of tankers full of gas, POL barrels, and ammunition crates. The Japanese could not see such plenty even in their wildest dreams.

    wwii soldier


    Idaho (BB-42) (foreground) and Texas (BB-35). Steaming at the rear of the battle line, during Battle Fleet practice off the California coast, circa 1930. Idaho's four triple 14"/50 gun turrets are trained on the starboard beam.

    Billy Fiske was the first American to be killed in action during World War II. He joined the British Royal Air Force and died fighting Nazis in 1940 in the Battle of Britain, long before FDR ever asked Congress for a declaration of war.

    The original waist gunners of the B-17 bomber 'Memphis Belle', left waist gunner Bill Wichell and right waist gunner Casmir Nastral, at their battle stations, Europe, Nov 1942-Jun 1943.

    Major Richard Winters was a United States Army officer and decorated war veteran. He commanded Company "E", 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, during World War II. The miniseries 'Band of Brothers' was about this company. Winters returned to service during the Korean war as a training officer. He died in 2011.

    Louis Zamperini WWII POW. His life story is told in the book "Unbroken" by Laura HIllenbrand. Awarded top book of 2010 by Time. Wonderful book.

    U.S. Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe, commander of the 101st Airborne Division. During the Ardennes offensive, McAuliffe commanded the garrison of the Belgian town of Bastogne and held against superior German forces until the town was relieved.

    Cpl Johnnie M. Rivas - Comanche - before 1944 {Note: While serving with B Company, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Cpl Rivas was killed during the Allied Assault on Nazi occupied France at Normany in June 1944 during World War II.}

    Charles Durning His service to this nation earned three Purple Hearts and a Silver Cross serving in combat as an infantryman..

    American combat engineers eat a meal atop boxes of ammunition stockpiled for the impending D-Day invasion 1944.

    "Tanks under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris during liberation celebrations, August1944."

    1943 dead body tag (awesomely creepy)

    This is Private Joe Demler of the US Army, he was a guest of the Third Reich for barely 3 months before being liberated in April 1945. Dressed in his pajamas with his sleeves and pant legs rolled up he was photographed looking more like a skeleton wearing skin than a human being.

    Sergeant Michael Strank (10 Nov 1919–1 Mar 1945) was one of the six Marines who raised the second flag on Mt. Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima. He died on Iwo Jima on 1 March 1945 when his squad came under heavy fire and was hit by friendly fire by an American shell. His death made him the first—but certainly not the last—man photographed raising the flag to die in battle.

    American soldiers discover Manet's “In the Conservatory” that was hidden (amongst other Nazi loot) in the salt mines of Merker, Germany. 1945.

    Private James Hendrix, 101st Airborne, 1962, Fort Campbell Ky

    Amazing photo