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Blessed Mother statue crying tears of blood

Tears of Blood

Blessed Mother

Beautiful Blessed Mother

The Blessed Mother.

Our Lady of Naju crying tears of blood

blessed mother

Blessed Mother

Blessed Mother

blessed mother

Statue of our Blessed Mother

Blessed Mother Teresa4

Blessed Mother of God Statue

Blessed Mother Mary {vintage...and beautiful}

Crying statue of Jesus

Blessed Mother Teresa

More wisdom from Blessed Mother Teresa.

Tears of Blood, Caracas Venezuela

Be Blessed

Our Lady of Tears Our Lady of Tears reminds us that, though Mary was without sin, she was not without feeling. She points us to the rainbow of hope that follows the flood of our tears. She is the window to her Son, just as the eyes that cry are the windows to the soul. Prayer to Our Lady of Tears Oh, our dear Lady of Tears, Look with maternal goodness At the sorrows of the world! Dry the tears of those who suffer: The sick, the poor, The hopeless, in despair, The abandoned, the confused, ...

No, we don't worship the Blessed Mother. We honor her who bore and cared for our Lord. We ask her prayers on our behalf. "From this day forward, all generations will call me blessed." -Luke 1:48