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Mirabelle Renaissance Medieval Tudor Elizabethan Pearl Beaded Necklace Dazzlingly darling! Brilliant acrylic stone in plated settings, connected by hand-wired delicate 6mm glass pearls.

Created by Sapphire & Sage Renaissance Jewelry and Accessories, Replication Katherine Parr Necklace from Showtime's "The Tudors" Series, in antiqued gold and 10mm cream glass pearls

Cordelia Renaissance Edwardian Victorian Necklace Dark and demure, moody and mysterious! Faceted acrylic stones gleam brilliantly in antiqued-patina settings between hand-wired silky, cool glass pearls.

Michaela Renaissance Medieval Tudor Elizabethan German Festoon Necklace Suitable for any period re-enactment, but especially workable for an early period/Medieval persona. Silky-smooth 8mm round glass pearls, with 18x7 tear drop pendants.

Diana Renaissance Pearl Necklace This choker-style necklace, called a "carcanet" in Renaissance times, features 25x18mm and 18x13mm smooth acrylic cabochon stones and 8mm hand-wired glass round and teardrop pearls. A 3" extender chain has been added to lengths listed below, which makes it perfect for wearing on a bare neck, while being adjustable to fit over high-necked partlets. When paired with the longer cotiere-style necklace, the set is a show-stopper!

Ceridwen Medieval Renaissance Edwardian Beaded Necklace This design showcases the glitter of metallic Celtic-inspired beads and a brilliant gold-tone center pendant, with a kick of color in the 25x18mm domed cabochon centerpiece and silver-lined Czech glass rocaille beads. Simple, yet sassy...perfect for the early-period re-enactor!

Edward Medieval, Renaissance Jeweled Livery Collar of Office / State The "Edward" Collar consists of 25x18mm faceted acrylic stones set in lace-bordered settings and 1.5-inch tall ornate metal plaquettes linked between individually hand-wired 10mm round glass pearls.

Cordelia Renaissance Edwardian Victorian Necklace in Dragon Scale Stones Dark and demure, moody and mysterious! Faceted acrylic stones gleam with color-changing brilliance in antiqued-patina settings, with hand-wired capped glass pearl drops.

Hannah Medieval Renaissance Edwardian Victorian Festoon Necklace Perfect for early-period enthusiasts who love the Medieval Era's simplicity! Stunning domed cabochon stone in an antiqued silver pendant setting with dainty strands of 6mm Czech glass pearl beads.