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Love how this trunk looks like a fern, and like rock, or wet sand. And the curl of a snail's shell...only bigger! So many different things in one image...

Heating an Outdoor Cat Enclosure in the Winter with rope lights. Use an insulated cooler for cat house.

I think this "Cat Cottage" looks a lot like a giant birdhouse, which is rather perverse if you think about it. LOL

how to build a feral cat shelter. The Humane Society suggests placing two shelters with their doorways facing each other and securing a board between them to create a canopy.

Lady bugs are a natural pest control. Keep more of them around by filling a 4"x1' long tube with sticks. The lady bugs will make it their home and watch over your garden.

It may be a rat... but you can't deny it's a pretty precious rat... awwww!!!!

jylshaffer: kittiesandbullshit: call me maybe / carly rae jepsen @changedaround and I are crazy cat lady soul mates.


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Fancy Cat Gourd Necklace at The Animal Rescue Site

Cats can sleep #Baby Cats #cute cats

Dog Has a Cat Hat

Shake Dogs Caught In Motion by Carli Davidson

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I'd like a turtle.


Otter mom holding baby