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Strike Force DVD-R

Stubby started as a stray and was adopted by the 102nd Infantry when they were training in Connecticut. He participated in 17 battles on the Western Front and became the most decorated war dog of World War I. #WWI #tbt Stubby the War Dog | National Geographic Store

Learn the names and stories of some of the most famous US military dogs. Sgt. Stubby was the most decorated, but there are other great dogs who've served their masters and the US well.

Sgt. Stubby fought in 17 battles in WWI. He was in the trenches in France for 18 months, survived being gassed and went on to warn his unit of incoming gas attacks and artillery shelling; he located wounded soldiers, and helped capture a German spy. After the war, he was the Georgetown Hoyas’ mascot.

Battle weary hero with medal for bravery...Sgt. Stubby. 17 Battles. Captured German spy. Nearly killed by nerve gas; he was able to alert soldiers to its presence.