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Genealogical Research in Ohio. Second Edition: Every researcher has their list of “go-to” items on their bookshelf. For Ohio genealogy research, mine is Genealogical Research in Ohio by Kip Sperry. #Ohio #genealogy #familyhistory


Premade Scrapbook Page 12 x 12 Double Page Layout - Just Being Me. $17.99, via Etsy.

DIY Genealogy Fan Tutorial and Gift Idea {Guest Post by Fry Sauce and Grits on OneCreativeMommy.com}

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Covers genealogy databases, what and where they are, and how to use them and free genealogy websites.

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This link is to an article at Family Tree Magazine with a list of the top 2012 blogs for tracing roots around the globe.

How do you know your genealogy research is accurate? Use these five tips to be as sure as you can be in the world of genealogy.


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Free Online Genealogy & Family History Courses offered by Brigham Young University ~ Teach Me Genealogy


Want to find the best genealogy blogs to delve into your family history? Explore our list of the top genealogy blogs that can help you trace your family tree: http://blog.genealogybank.com/list-of-best-genealogy-blogs