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  • Jenny Melin

    Gerard Butler :), I think all men should look like him & have his accent.

  • Sheetul Bisnauthsing

    "Gerard Butler. Scottish, but close enough. He seems like the type of guy that would do tequila shots with you at the club, whisper super dirty stuff into your ear, and then take you home for a rocking good time;) THIS IS SPARTA!!!!" LOL that description :P Mais he is smoking hot

  • Shana Trebing

    Gerard Butler.. so beautiful :)

  • Jessie Swaby

    Luke Keenan is a member of Jimmy O' Pheelan's crew and also one of the men responsible for the bombing of a protestant and catholic school where he killed fifty teachers and children, one of them was Shawn O'Hara the only son of Irish King Hershel O'Hara and the father of Leah O'Hara. Luke has a younger brother called Zachariah Keenan who was married to Leah but the marriage was abusive. Zach ordered his older brother to murder Leah and Rose. Luke worked alongside Chibs Telford when he was in the IRA and shot his younger brother Alistair, when he started to find the actual reason for Chibs being exiled. Luke is considered a sociopath with no human feelings as is his brother and both are feared by their enemies and respected by the Golovanov family. Luke has killed over one hundred people, including traitors to the IRA. Chapter 15.

  • Katie Sielaff

    Gerard Butler. #2 celebrity crush. <3

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