Cheilanthes argentea (Silver Cloak Fern)

cinnamon fern

Blue veronica with ferns. Gorgeous for the shade garden! | I'll be adding this to my ferns under deck. as u go up steps..

Sunset ferns are perfect for shady spots. Six more top shade-loving plants: (Photo by Richie Steffen, Great Plant Picks;

Venus Maidenhair Fern: one of my absolute favorites!! these have a ton of herbal health benefits (including treating gallstones!!) and are a natural mosquito repellant too :)

Ferns and Oxalis are made for each other, being perfectly suited for identical site conditions and having complementary texture, height color. Any fern with any Oxalis will make a pleasing combination, guaranteed.


Shade plant combination: Hostas, Japanese Painted Ferns, Japanese Forest Grass


Tassel fern

Green Fern

Cute little fern. Great texture.

Cyrtomium falcatum - Holly Fern. The Japanese Holly Fern has dark green, glossy, pinnate fronds and does not really look like a fern at all. Highly suitable for dry shade. Evergreen, easy to grow, and exotic in appearance. Hardy. Buy Holly Fern - Cyrtomium falcatum - Delivery by Gardening Express

Athyrium niponicum ‘Pictum’

Vertical garden of ferns! How about a variation of this leaning against the south side of the front yard or the north fence in the back yard?

zencoma: Maiden Hair Fern

Salvias, cardoons, angelica, brightly colored dahlias and zinnias, gladioli, and jungly foliage from cannas and banana and Alliums