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  • Rose Blotter

    The Last Iced Coffee Recipe You'll Ever Need! I love Iced Coffee. No...  I Love Creamy Iced Coffee. I Love Creamy and Sweet Iced Coffee. But... I HATE paying over $4 a glass for it at some fancy-schmancy coffee house! After literally years of trying, I have found it! I have figured out how to make the perfect creamy & sweet Iced coffee for pennies a glass! I'm gonna show ya how! First... You have to make your coffee concentrate. (This is the only part of the process that takes some time) Don't worry,  the gallon of coffee concentrate you end up with will make enough to last you for a month in the fridge! You do NOT want to brew a normal pot of coffee for your iced coffee. You want to cold-brew it. This leaves you with a smooth, acid-free coffee base that we all love for a refreshing cold drink. Iced Coffee Concentrate.  Ingredients- 1 gallon water (I buy a gallon of drinking water) 1 lb bag of your favorite rich coffee (course ground if ya can get it) Coffee filters or several layers of cheesecloth a fine mesh strainer. a large bowl pitcher (big enough to hold a gallon) Directions- Pour gallon of water into your large bowl. Dump the entire bag of coffee into the water/bowl. Stir to make sure all grounds are saturated with water. Walk away, for 12 hours or overnight. line a mesh strainer with a coffee filter or several layers of cheese-cloth, set the strainer on top of your pitcher. Pour (or ladle) your coffee mixture into the strainer. (this part takes awhile...  I often had to walk away while it filtered into the pitcher)   If using coffee filters, you might have to replace them several times during the filtering process. Once all the coffee concentrate has been filtered, stick it in the fridge (it will last for a month!) Sweet Cream You can read how I stumbled onto the "Sweet Cream" recipe on my Blog "The Homesteading Housewife" HERE Ingredients- 1, 12oz can of evaporated milk 1, 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk Directions- mix both cans together, refrigerate.  Dana's Sweet & Creamy Iced Coffee Grab your favorite glass and fill it to the top with ice.  2. Pour iced coffee concentrate into your glass, filling it a little more than half-full.  3. Add Sweet Cream into the coffee/ice glass until full (or to taste)  4.  stir to combine.  5.  Enjoy!

  • Pam Hicks

    Craving Comfort: The Last Iced Coffee Recipe You'll Ever Need! cold brewed coffee, evaporated milk and Eagle Brand!

  • Andrea Baumgartner

    The coffee concentrate idea will come in handy for other drinks. Craving Comfort: The Last Iced Coffee Recipe You'll Ever Need!

  • Jess Cooper

    Iced Coffe Recipe

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