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  • Whipper Snippers

    old school perming.

  • Sophie Design

    Permanent@Drew Grudowski I was about 5 when I had this kind of perm with a machine line this. Shirley Temple, my namesake. She had curly hair. My parents wanted me to have curly hair just like hers.

  • fiveseasonsmade4u Kimberley

    Need a Hair Perm? this little girl is getting her hair permed back in the day ,...vintage photo

  • J. W.

    Getting a Permanent Wave 1938 [for those 'Shirley Temple' curls] I remember this. Was very afraid of it, was very heavy and hard to hold your head up!!!

  • Freda Kimball

    permanent wave device. My Mom said that she would get a perm with this device and she could smell her hair cooking, but the perm would last a year.

  • Kathy Navarro

    Looks like it's out of the Jean Pierre-Janet's film City of Lost Children.

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Getting a Permanent Wave 1938 [for those 'Shirley Temple' curls]

Before there were Toni Perms, this scary looking device was the way to get permanent curls, 1935.

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+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ SImply adorable.

An almost memorizing wave filled 1940s hairdo.

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