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This dog is beautiful!! Similar markings to our Tux, who would look adorable in one of these!!!!

A Pit Bull breaking every bad stereotype... - The Meta Picture

Cutie! But I'm not quite sure how he got up on that chair. A chair with wheels on a hardwood floor. Damn he's good! Lol.

Oh I love this!!! Reminds me of Dymond Marie! They are such wonderful pets.... Hate the trainer & NOT the breed!!!

Hi so many people think that pit bulls will attack you if u get to close but the truth is that any dog can be taught to be mean. pit bulls are really sweet dogs

Indeed, about 75 percent of dogs in the approximately 5,000 dog shelters nationwide are mixed-breed dogs, according to the ASPCA. An average of sixty percent of those dogs will be euthanized.

If Teddy was Scooby-Doo, this dog would be Scooby-Dumb. Wait...maybe flip that? This dog looks smart...

Best dog toy ever! Haha! I have vision of Wally with this in his mouth shaking it. Thank heavens he doesn't have one, I'm sure I'd die laughing

Happy Pitty, Ferocious Pitty by Rick Gomez. Owner's instruction: "they are so easily trainable that even when being taught to do the wrong thing, they will obey those commands. However, the same is true if you teach them well... They are obedient." Be a responsible Pitty owner ... be a responsible dog owner