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Handmade Customs by Nicholas Potashfrom Handmade Customs by Nicholas Potash



Trisquel,Según la cultura celta, el trisquel representa la evolución y el crecimiento. Representa el equilibrio entre cuerpo, mente y espíritu. Manifiesta el principio y el fin, la eterna evolución y el aprendizaje perpetuo. Entre los druidas simbolizaba el aprendizaje, y la trinidad Pasado, Presente y Futuro.

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Trollrunor, lönnrunor or rungaldrar, runes used for magic purposes (haven't checked how correct the info is, there's a lot of modern hocus pocus mixed in many of the guides or chart you find. Know ginfaxi was used by glima wrestlers. Aegishjálmur is probably the best known, but sadly claimed by neo nazi groups today, kind of like the Thor's hammer was in the 90's.)


What Do The Seasonal Moons Mean?


It's okay, Pluto's astronomical symbol doesn't look very good anyway. Also, Uranus's symbol in this picture is the astrological version. Other than that everything's good.

Gorgeous watercolor rose tattoo. Itd be a fun detail to incorporate into an even bigger tattoo.