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Trisquel,Según la cultura celta, el trisquel representa la evolución y el crecimiento. Representa el equilibrio entre cuerpo, mente y espíritu. Manifiesta el principio y el fin, la eterna evolución y el aprendizaje perpetuo. Entre los druidas simbolizaba el aprendizaje, y la trinidad Pasado, Presente y Futuro.

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Symbols and Their Meanings | Egyptian Symbols And Their Meanings Nsibidi writing system

Know your Vegvisirs. I was drawing these, wondered why the different versions around the place. Nobody can figure out what Björks tattoo actually is, a Galdrabók one roughly done most likely #bjork #vegvisir #tattoo

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24 Sacred Geometry Vectors

Sacred Geometry Vectors | Graphic Design Elements | Geometric Vector Clipart Images | Blog Graphics | Web Design | Branding Niche | Blogging | Business | Art

Sun- (yang) symbolic of the mind or intellect. the sun shines upon our symbolic selves and makes us most visible to the world. Life, power, strength, energy, force, clarity, self. Moon- (yin) Time, cycles, psyche, wonder, shadow, balance, renewal, mystery, emotion, intuition, influence, transition, femininity, perception, progression, receptivity, illumination.

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Heart Outline Footprint Wall Art 1200_pap

Footprint Art your Child's prints New baby by MyForeverPrints, $25.00

Trollrunor, lönnrunor or rungaldrar, runes used for magic purposes (haven't checked how correct the info is, there's a lot of modern hocus pocus mixed in many of the guides or chart you find. Know ginfaxi was used by glima wrestlers. Aegishjálmur is probably the best known, but sadly claimed by neo nazi groups today, kind of like the Thor's hammer was in the 90's.)

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Womens flying bird swing- scoop track t shirt american apparel- heather gray- available in S, M, L , XL WorldWide Shipping

Woman on flying bird swing. Tattoo idea.