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If you make a good first impression you're likelier to have a good interview, even if you make mistakes later.

Your personal character consists of the attitudes you have toward challenges you face in your career. Having positive personal character traits will improve your chances of success and in achieving your goals. Negative traits hinder your efforts and your job performance. Photo Credits: Ambro of

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Having positive character traits mean that you are able and willing to do good work—both for your satisfaction and that of your employer. These traits relate to attitudes you have toward challenges at work. Typical traits are determination, organization, courage and responsibility.

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Ensure that every application document is free from mistakes such as typographical errors, grammatical blunders and wrong spellings. Review your application documents repeatedly. Photo credits: stockimages of #career #willisconsulting

Applicants have to show they’re willing and able to not only come up with ideas, but defend those ideas and implement them. #job #career #willisconsulting Photo Credits: stockimages of

Smiling is so simple, when you’re usually nervous in an interview, or you’re intentionally trying to keep it professional. What most people don’t know is that a smile can break the tension in the room and set you apart from the rest of the brooding crowd. It shows you’re friendly and fun—the exact kind of person people want to work with.