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Glower allows you to add interaction to rasterized data tiles, by DevSeed / Mapbox

Circle of Life: A New Way to #Visualize Biological #Data

—Idea #343

Visual Raster: tile manipulation using Canvas

London's Skyline 3-D Map

The Edge of HTML5 / Eric Bidelman / What's coming up in Javascript/CSS this year


Blouse over dress.

Stamen Cupcake tile maps

This tutorial describes how to create beautiful custom maps, and use them in a Processing sketch. We are going to use TileMill to style our maps, export it, and load the rendered map tiles into PImages. There are two ways of doing that.

Watercolor map tiles by Stamen Design

Useful ideas.

digital printed tiles

and now there are 15 pentagonal tilings known to exist

profile on map-

From sketching to Inkscape to D3 and back / code for this cool idea for a workflow

GSWD Lesson 1 / Getting Started With Django. / "First, this series is meant to take you from novice to competent. What do I mean by novice? You’ve done the Django tutorial, you understand the basics of Python, but you have little-to-no idea about how to go forward from here without making a ton of mistakes. Secondly, this series is meant to show you current best practices. Libraries that are go-to solutions for myself and many other Django developers out there."

densitydesign Archive on Flickr I love data visualization that is simple with nice colors and designs.

data visualization radar

#Data #visualization to support the interpretation of Kant’s work. #infographic

Data Visualization - Kantar Information Is Beautiful Awards