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Number Specimen Variety {digits 0-9} // Numbers 1 Poster by 55 Hi's

Rosmarie Tissi — Swiss Posters of the Year, exhibition poster (1996)

Mark Kozelek, Red House Painters, 4AD, Poster Design, Graphic Design

123 Years: The Best of British Music by by Taxi Studio

Nochevieja 2014. #graphic #poster #design, Frame, Layout, Smoke, Pink, Concept

Simple design is often good design. (The Hidden Cameras | Designer: TBD)

Good infographic design often nods to other genres. the more you look at film posters the more you realise how much infographics steals from the wider world of design.



Graphic design

There is a lot of really great graphics here as well as some ideas for structure and shape.

Untitled poster by Japanese graphic designer Shigeo Fukuda (1932-2009). via design - Graphic Design

WASTED - Marco Oggian — Designspiration

Student Portfolio Exhibition poster



#graphicdesign #typography #graphic #art #design #color #typo #fonts

Film Festival Poster

Tree Scout. Poster | Designer: Eric Karnes