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curly hair problem - saving for Lucy.someday I know she'll complain about her curly hair! Strangers tell her it's amazing all the time.

Happens more often than you would think....

Really? I've has people ask me if i get up every morning to curl my hair. And I'm just like its natural.

Always thinking that when I look through a hairstyle special of a magazine...

this is totes true-it's not helpful in the LEAST! and yes, i even type in "naturally curly hairstyles"-- and also! A lot of them aren't even hair styles they're just naturally curly or curled hair down

haha so true. I am often telling Aaron "Nooooo, my hair!" when I'm wearing it curly.


My one aspiring dread always comes out at festies or if I don't wash for a day


I brush out many of those at the end of a long day with my hair down!

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