Don't bring a girl in the NBA finals, she'll only get bored. Hahaha. This is so funny. I need to share it. Lol. :D


Idk if I should be insulted or laughing my ass off....mm the latter LOL

Omg I'm dying

I think every girl understands this. And I love her

Men expect us to look like Victoria Secret models after the fashion show. Fine, now we can expect you to look like the USA swim team after the Olympics. So true




... So true!!


i don't know why I thought this was so funny but I am crying I'm laughing so hard!

Hahahaha, Mean Girls meets Miley Cyrus....don't actually care about all that, but mean girl memes are great!

Golden girls

Johnny Depp and City of Bones. For real, though. I wanted to jump in the book, wrap my hands around Valentines neck, and scream, Take that back, you liar when I read it. - more funny things: http://hotfunnystuff.com

Oh My God Karen. You can't just ask people why they're pale.

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When I receive a compliment…