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At 31 places along the spinal cord the dorsal and ventral roots come together to form spinal nerves. Spinal nerves contain both sensory and motor fibers, as do most nerves. Spinal nerves are given numbers which indicate the portion of the vertebral column in which they arise.

The top image shows the four main sections of the cerebral cortex: the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the occipital lobe, and the temporal lobe. Functions such as movement are controlled by the motor cortex, and the sensory cortex receives information on vision, hearing, speech, and other senses. The bottom image shows the location of the brains major internal structures. Illustration by Lydia V. Kibiuk, Baltimore, MD

Cerebral cortex - consciousness, thought, memory, sensory input, motor input

Indoor Fun...Combine color matching with a classic bean bag toss with our Color Toss activity. Encourage your kids to toss the bags from further and further away as they master it.

Biology today (1972) Illos by Richard Oden | Figure 24.13: "The relative proportions of body region representation in the motor cortex (anterior to the central fissure) and in the somesthetic cortex (the post central gyrus)."

Gross Motor Color Match for Toddlers. The only way I could get colours to stick with my over active 2 yrs old!

anterior gray commissure, white commissure. antetori gray horn which is motor. motor is on front, sensory is on back on spinal cord.

5 Motor Activities Using Painter's Tape. I already do the "balance beam" Need to try the others also. Really like the shapes for moving to the sides and backward. Be sure to watch the video for several ways to use the taped patterns. Following verbal directions or mimicking activities for motor planning class.

CH 12 Gross Anatomy of the Spinal Cord

Your Therapy Source - www.YourTherapySo...: Using Metronome Apps to Teach Gross Motor Skills