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  • Inspired Camping

    A Tear Drop trailer ready for camping / glamping in the forest > Photo by Thomas J. Story for Sunset Magazine

  • Stephanie Dustin

    Teardrop trailer for summer road trips #travel #camping #trailers

  • Shira Beit-Halachmi

    How cute is this teardrop camper (spotted on the cover of the current Sunset magazine)? It reminded me again how much I want to have one. But did you know if you can't afford one (like me) you can rent them too? I knew you could rent one of those RV things, but I didn't know you can also rent a teardrop (Vacations in a Can - $175/weekend), an airstream ( from $225/3 nights).

  • Korie Nelson

    Teardrop camper. Photo by Thomas J. Story for Sunset Magazine #camping

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so the plan is that if i dont get married before im thirty or have any plans i want to move into a silver bullet trailer (except pink)

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Modern Parents Messy Kids: The Weekend Look Book Would love to have one of these,

Teardrop -I like the red accents & pocket in door.

teardrop trailer***Research for possible future project.

turquoise trailer - I actually saw one of these being towed by a fancy old car (haha, it was nice, but I have NO idea what it was?!) a couple of months back. I SOOOO wanted to pull them over and ask if they wanted to give the trailer to me, lol!

Can't post just the kitchen, but the kitchen in this place is perfect: compact, clean, and complete. Mmm, and white w/dark floors is beauteous.

Teardrop Trailer by Wisconsin-based Camp Inn Trailers features panoramic windows, wood paneling, a couch that transforms into child-sized bunk beds, plus a roomy 6 ft + of legroom!