Don’t ever buy a box spring again, and never waste the space under your bed.

I'm so doing this!!chores & backpacks - awesome idea! Also cute to pin report cards and other achievements, artwork etc. - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

Build A Murphy Bed : DIY and Craft Tutorials

AWESOME. I hate pots & pans cupboards. They are always a mess, no matter how hard you try to maintain them. This is perfect.

Pots/pans organization. Genius.

I have found it. This company makes bookshelves to fit in your doorway and make a secret room.

This would be ideal for storage, we all put things under the bed but this way we don;t get all the dust and can easily see without putting your hand under there and being afraid you pull out a spider LOL!

whoa. this is amazing.

hide things behind paintings

no wasted space!

No waste of space. #livelifecomfortably

Whooooa don't know where I would put this, but SO COOL! Lay a mirror down, take a hammer to it, pour polyurethane over? Amazing floor

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius (41 Pics)

Under bed storage ideas

I want to curl up in here. Dream nook.

Maryland Merlot Counterheight Table | Great solution for a thin bar area that's portable. Could turn it so that it's not taking up much room when you don't need it.


Website for lots of easy to follow plans, like this one for a murphy bed for a guest bedroom (which would then double as my craft room!!!)