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A Young Wodaabe girl. The Wodaabe are a subgroup of the Fulani people aka Bororo people are nomadic and mostly migrate through the Sahel from northern Cameroon to Chad, southwestern Niger, and northeast Nigeria.

Amazing girl from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Beautiful woman, beautiful tattoos and body paint.

'Tuareg' is an Arabic word meaning 'abandoned by God'. They call themselves 'Imohag' - 'free men'.

Wodaabe , Niger (Beckwith/Fisher)

beautiful!!!!! factorygirl-photography: Yine Girl by Leonid Plotkin on Flickr.

Vezo girl, Western Madagascar photo by Frans Lanting


thirdw0rld: kissingrivers: Maasai girls, Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya my mom and i were reading about Maasai people today

Peul girls with facial tattoos.

Africa | Tunisian Girls in Traditional Dress. Tataouine. | © Inge Yspeert.

Gurunsi Girl in southern Burkina Faso.

Portrait of a Palestinian woman, wearing traditional adornment at the Palestinian Estate Exhibition in Johannesburg, 2009.

Tibet. <3 <3 <3

Africa | Wodaabe women are strikingly beautiful. During the Gerewol Festivities. Niger. | © Timothy Allen

Ethiopia Hamar girl. - Mario Gerth Qualifies for the Bonita board as well.

Amazing green eyes

Borana girl, Ethiopia

Afar girls in Djibouti. Closely related to Oromo in culture and identity

Yakan tribe girl; Mindanao, Philippines

The Afghan Girl 18 years later. And she has a lovely daughter! • By Steve McCurry 2002