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  • Paulo F Lopes

    Multiplication Tricks Sheet!! I remember learning these multiplication songs, and I plan on teaching them to my students in the future. It is a great way to integrate music into math, and this will help the kids remember their facts! Also, this link is to a blog with tips and tricks for teachers. Great stuff! -Maggie Smith 2/13/13/

  • Rachel Pazandak

    math songs and tricks for remembering multiplication facts

  • Roberta Stadtmiller

    Multiplication cheat sheet: I thought I knew all the multiplication tricks but this is the first time I've heard the one for 6.

  • Monique Despins-Gruszczynski

    Multiplication Tricks Sheet!! I'm going to give this to my high school math students...enough with the calculators!

  • Morgan Foster

    Multiplication Tricks Sheet!! Another great one to know for tutoring my boss' oldest daughter her multiplication facts

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Love this concept. I still use it to this day when I get a bit confused. Also, the numbers are inverse of themselves. 2x9= 18 9x9=81 Once you get to 45 and 54, you go backwards in reverse from there. I know, confusing, but it can help.

OMG this actually works! mind=blown

Math- it doesn't have to be as complicated as we currently teach it.

Maybe some songs will help our musical children to remember their times tables. Don't forget to have them draw pictures to develop their concept of multiplication!

multiplication tricks This makes me think of Dad's Math. :)

3rd Grade Math Anchor Charts | Multiplication Tricks by tiff.haze

Multiplication Song & Tricks-3rd....not sure about the 12's trick, maybe I'm reading it incorrectly.

This would be a nice handout to parents in my Back-to-School packet on Parent Night.