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Magical Eyes, Keningan, Sabah, Malaysia - Pixdaus

Ivy by Gansforever Osman, via 500px



BELLEZA This photo draws me to this beautiful child making me want to wipe the tears away forever.

Afghan eyes

Curious boy

Precious Child

47 Stunning Photographs Of People From Around The World



Blue & Passionate

What amazing blue-green eyes this girl has! Wonderful contrast to her dark hair & skin シ シ #beautiful #faces

Those eyes.

Natural hair - eyes are watching .. gorgeous!

Blue eyes were all but unheard of. Whenever one had appeared, turmoil had followed close behind. The last had been a pirate. The only known in existence now is a child. A young girl, who by the insistence of the fearful king was imprisoned. Her origins remain unknown. -Unnamed Story 1

Rajasthan woman, India