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Steampunk Robots: Beautiful Toy Nightmares

Belgian sculptor and animator Stephane Halleux builds amazing steampunk models and robots, from this menacing spider to the yard-high robot horse and rider. The sculptures don't move, unfortunately (imagine this spider running along like yesterday's creepy robot dog), but they should surely be picke...
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heart necklace

green steampunk heart with key

Russian artist Igor Verniy creates beautiful steampunk animal sculptures out of metal parts from cars, clocks, appliances, and electronics. The joints on many of Verniy's sculptures are functional,...

Steampunk jewelry by catherinette rings

steampunk leather corset

Caravan Assault Apparatus: Kuksi surrealism

Ichabod, Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask in Black

Crazy amazing leather steampunk-ish masks by Rob Bassett

Steampunk Leather Masks and Helmets

gas masks and helmets

Steampunk Crow by Lynn of Desert Rubble on Artfire

Gothic steampunk - - Photo by Adrian Buckmaster

Tentacle scarf-Funny!


Steampunk bicycles

Steampunk Sculptures by Michihiro

How to... Make your own Steampunk Airship Goggles.

Steampunk patina

steampunk bee

Steampunk Clockwork Bee

Steampunk Dragonfly Cuff by *SteamDesigns

Steampunk Dragonfly Sculpture By Catherinette Rings


cute steampunk ornaments