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    • Leimomi

      Why keeping eyes on litter promotes better behavior by Phillip Ball. BBC: Damien Francey et al. found that pasting an image of eyes below an symbol for trash disposal resulted in more 'good behavior' than images of flowers. #Human_Behavior #Psychology #Damien_Francey #Philip_Ball #BBC #Environment

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    The Emotional Life of Your Brain by Richard J. Davidson, and Sharon Begley via scientificamerican: Just as exercise can tone your body, mental training can fine tune your brain, modifying its 'wiring' and influence your responses to the experiences of life. 'Even ordinary people can change their emotional response by tweaking their behavior.' #Psychology #Brain #Emotions

    Feeling Wheel by Dr. Gloria Willcox via sandysandmeyer #Psychology #Emotional_Analysis

    Why The Best Chocolate Is The One You Eat Last by Alison Aubrey, npr: Ed O'Brien ( a researcher in social psychology at the University of Michigan) theorizes that our preferences are highly influenced by the moment of choice. And one particularly important moment is the end of an experience. O'Brien's hunch is that we fall for endings or last chances. Listen to the story. #Chocolate #Psychology

    Temari, is a Japanese thread ball, which is a symbol of perfection. There is a long history about the weaving of thread to create this artwork....Photo by...Nana Akua.

    Most "abandoned" books. This infographic from Goodreads shows the books that readers give up on most often.

    Hugo Munsterberg: Pioneering figure within forensic psychology. Published his seminal work "On The Witness Stand: Essays on Psychology & Crime" in 1908.