Painting Furniture how to's. (going to use this when we refinish the dining room furniture in march!)

Add some paint and some thin molding for more attractive and inexpensive way to remodel your cabinets.

Good to Know: Re-do honey oak (wooden or laminate) cabinets or furniture with "General Finishes Java Gel Stain" (absolutely NO substitutions for this brand!) No brushing! Wipe gel stain and gel poly on with men's white sock.

This was a really easy addition that really made a the regular old cabinets feel a bit more upscale. We simply added a couple of finial feet to the base of the cabinets. We simply purchased a couple of the finial wood accents at Lowe’s who had a pretty good selection with different styles and sizes.

Table over the toilet...why didnt I think of this? Looks so much better then those ugly looking space saver things that go over the toilet. Much rather have this!

Stair makeover

If I ever decide to redo the cabinets.. here's how...Fantastic article. My kitchen cabinets are not real wood...I live in Miami can't have that. So this was perfect

How to paint kitchen cabinets.

this woman re-did her kitchen for under $100-- and it's gorgeous! :) lots of awesome renovating ideas on her site

Here is a round up of some of my most popular kitchen cabinet painting tips and tutorials. I have put them into a slideshow for you to easily click through and read. View the slideshow below to see them:

Re-purposed Furniture (30 Pics)

{How To - Paint Kitchen Cabinets}

The Kim Six Fix: How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Losing Your Mind

Create an attractive display shelf for the empty space above your kitchen cabinets. This project requires only basic carpentry skills, and you can build it in a day.

I wouldn't have thought to consider cabinet color to make it look more open.

This website is awesome! This is how to redo kitchen cabinets but also has instructions on how to redo stairs, old furniture and more! So inspiring! | Relax Home Decor

Measuring Cups inside Cabinet Door. No more messy drawers!

Instead+of+Using+a+Paint+Brush,+Spray+The+Paint++Instead+of+brushing+on+primer,+use+the+primer+from+a+spray+can.+ Instead+of+brushing+on+the+paint,+consider+renting,+buying+or+borrowing+a+paint+sprayer+to+spray+each+cabinet.+ Once+you+get+the+hang+of+a+paint+sprayer,+the+

Painting Kitchen Countertops